310 Mountdale Ave, Thunder Bay, ON P7E 6G8, Canada

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    Rollie Catalan
    April 11, 2024

    One of the best, if not the leading, oriental-style restaurant in town. It's basically Vietnamese-Chinese cuisine with a variety also of international cuisine. We held a huge birthday celebration for the family's grand matriarch here just before Christmas last year and everyone of us loved the food and service they extended. Excellent-tasting food, large portions, good service and all at a very reasonable price. Will always highly recommend!

    brenda denton
    April 07, 2024

    I ordered the pad thai. It did not taste like pad Thai but it was a very good dish. The portion is huge. Keep in mind when you order from this restaurant you are ordering family style. You're not getting individual portions. I also ordered mine low spice but it was quite spicy so might want to be careful about that. My partner ordered stir fried vegetables with shrimp and it was very very good.

    Linda Bruins
    December 10, 2023

    Relaxing dinner With superb service and delicious food Highly recommend 👌

    Jamie Buckley
    December 28, 2023

    We ate at the Asian fusion tonight and we had 6 egg rolls, which were excellent, and we had 2 special soups which were also excellent, but the Chinese food rice not too impressed with. It's probably cross contaminated and it was very bland it tasted kinda weird and I certainly wouldn't order Chinese food rice from there again or a Vietnamese. Whatever they are. Yeah, not again, sorry.

    September 19, 2022

    Was on my way home from skiing on a Sunday evening. Wanted Thai food but the place I was recommended/would typically go (Thai Kitchen) isn’t open on Sunday’s. Unfortunately, this place was. Order pad thai over the phone for pickup. At $22.50, it’s more expensive than Thai Kitchen by quite a bit but my options are limited and I’m hungry. Pick it up, get home and open the box to find what is essentially a regular stir fry with about a pound of bell peppers and onion on top, and some cashews, plus the tofu and noodles. Call the restaurant to let them know my orders’ wrong, and they inform me that it’s ‘their take on a pad thai’. …what?? No bean sprouts, no peanuts, no scrambled egg, and their ‘pad thai sauce’ just tastes like somehow worse VH sauce from the store. The noodles are congealed at the bottom, with half of them not having any sauce at all. What it boils down to is that it’s not pad thai, it has none of the components that would make it pad thai. At best, it’s a poorly done regular stir fry. The rep, who was rude the whole time, tells me that it is pad thai and that just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not pad thai. He said they’ve changed all these components for ‘allergy purposes’. I tell him none of this is on their website, nor in the menu, and they can’t just change every part of a dish and call it the same thing. I ask for a refund, and tell them that this isn’t what I ordered. I’ll waste my time/money, bring it back, and go somewhere else, or they can make an actual pad thai. He refuses telling me they don’t do refunds, and that not liking it isn’t a valid reason anyway. I tell him that beyond not liking it; it’s not what I ordered. We do a little more back and forth before he says something like. I’m not going to change my mind, and you won’t be getting a refund or another meal, so there’s no point to continuing this conversation. At this point the conversation ends. I don’t typically leave reviews, but the terrible customer service from this place convinced me otherwise. Especially when there are so many quality alternatives. Honestly, Thai Express does a better pad thai at half the cost. Thai Kitchen does an amazing pad thai at slightly more than half the cost. With the multitude of other options, I really can’t understand why anyone would go here. To the owners, good luck.


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    310 Mountdale Ave, Thunder Bay, ON P7E 6G8, Canada

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