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    Knights Of God KOG
    August 22, 2023

    Safeway has long been a staple in my grocery shopping routine, and for good reason. This trusted neighborhood supermarket consistently delivers on its promise of quality products, excellent customer service, and a convenient shopping experience. One of the standout features of Safeway is its wide selection of groceries. From fresh produce, meat, and seafood to pantry staples, bakery items, and household essentials, Safeway has everything I need to fill my shopping cart. The store is well-organized, making it easy to navigate and find items quickly. Additionally, the shelves are always well-stocked, ensuring that I can find exactly what I'm looking for. The quality of Safeway's products is consistently high. The produce section offers a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, often sourced locally, which ensures their freshness and flavor. The bakery section boasts an impressive assortment of freshly baked bread, pastries, and cakes that are always a hit. Moreover, the meat and seafood departments provide a range of choices, and I have always been satisfied with the quality and freshness of their offerings. What sets Safeway apart from other supermarkets is its commitment to customer service. The staff members are friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to assist. Whether it's finding a specific product or providing recommendations, they go above and beyond to ensure a positive shopping experience. The checkout process is efficient, and I appreciate the availability of self-checkout options for those times when I prefer a quicker transaction. Safeway also offers a variety of convenient services. The pharmacy department is well-stocked with medications and knowledgeable pharmacists who are always ready to answer questions or provide advice. The store often has a dedicated section for household items, cleaning supplies, and personal care products, making it easy to find everything I need in one place. Additionally, Safeway's loyalty program and weekly sales help me save money on my grocery purchases. Another aspect that adds to the appeal of Safeway is its commitment to community involvement. The supermarket actively participates in local events, sponsors charitable initiatives, and supports local organizations. This sense of community engagement fosters a positive relationship between Safeway and its customers, reinforcing its reputation as a trusted neighborhood supermarket. While prices at Safeway may be slightly higher compared to discount supermarkets, the quality and variety of products, along with exceptional customer service, make it worth the investment. Safeway consistently delivers on its promise of a pleasant shopping experience with fresh, quality products and a dedicated staff. In conclusion, Safeway is a reliable and convenient supermarket that caters to the diverse needs of its customers. With its wide selection of groceries, commitment to quality, exceptional service, and community involvement, Safeway has earned its place as a trusted neighborhood supermarket. Whether you're in need of everyday essentials or shopping for a special occasion, Safeway is sure to provide a positive and satisfying shopping experience.

    August 04, 2023

    I was at the store on Tuesday August 1/ 2023 and got some stuff. I had two different transactions and the girl who was at the shift who was in the self check out treated me so bad. I felt it in such a way she was a racist and disliked brown people. I come to Safeway all the time and this is not how I expect the employee to be . Other than the girl “CLAUDIA” rest of the employees are really good and awesome and I really love shopping at Safeway.

    La Gallega
    September 16, 2023

    I just had the most fantastic customer service experience st this Safeway where instead of being treated rudely or indifferently this cashier on 5 I believe was super friendly, super kind and joked around about the breakfast I super didn't want to make lol. The killer was the winky dink 😉 she gave me when she was kidding around that had me laughing the whole ride home! Thanks french toast lady! This kind of person is what sets you apart from the several other grocery options within walking distance.

    Kim Sired
    August 07, 2023

    Loved the produce selection between organic and non-organic. Beautiful floral section....omg, the beauty!!! Meats and general groceries sections abundant. Clean store and displays.

    Tracy Ferracin
    August 27, 2023

    I went to Starbucks ( which is a franchise runby Safeways, not Starbucks). We were thoroughly disappointed with too many mistakes. First, the girl at the counter didn't know how to load up $20 onto my card and scan my card. She paged customer service 3 times before a store assistant manager came over to fix the problem. The guy making our drinks made the wrong drink, and I mentioned it was supposed to have whipped cream. He told me "no it doesn't). I know the drink that I ordered and "yes, it does). He made me 2 drinks, which were wrong, I showed him the picture with description but, he still could get it right. I was embarrassed as after 48 minutes waiting, there ended up being 18 people behind me in the small area waiting g to place an order. Finally, he asked the girl to make my drink, and she did it correctly. I'll stick with Thunder Center Starbucks with is owned and run by Starbucks itself. They are always friendly and never ket us down.

    Safeway Dawson Road

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    1015 Dawson Rd, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5E3, Canada

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